MBOM creation flow

I am doing a POC of integrating our in house PLM with ERPNext. I am trying to do it using the RESTfull API provided by ERPNext. For that I have finalized following flow.

  1. Create items

  2. Create BOM

  3. Create BOM Item

Is this flow proper or is there a better way. I am a noob in ERP process.

@Natty77 I don’t know what is the programming language that you is using, but you can pass all “BOM Item” like an array into the step 2

something like this

items: [
    {"item_code": "some_item_code", .... },
    {"item_code": "another_item_code", ... }

Reducing one step, but sounds you are in the right directions!

Thanks for the reply. I am using C# in which am creating a tool to call the ERPNext API using REST. By any case do you know which API or method to use to create a BOM?