Meaning of purpose field in Asset Movement

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i am trying asset movement. Can Anyone Explain about purpose field in asset movement?

how do i move my asset from employee in one location to employee in another location?


The Purpose field is to indicate the reason of Asset Movement. Based on the Purpose you select, the mandatory fields will change accordingly. Check this link to know more about the same:

In this case, you need to have a combination of Issue and Transfer.

@michelle can you please explain detail?

In which cases we can use the below 3 purpose


i’m facing problem while transfering asset.may be my understanding is wrong

Transfer: To transfer from one location to another. This only moves the Asset from one location to another and not given to the employee yet.

Issue: To issue it to an employee from another employee. No target Location is involved. You need to fill in the below details:

Receipt: To receive at one location from another. It’s similar to transfer but source location is not needed in this case.

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@michelle Thank you

Hi Michelle,
I am facing an issue with Asset movement, here is the detail
As per the screenshot and explanation provided we do not need to enter the location for asset movement with the purpose “Issue”, only set to the employee, and it’s done… the main issue arises when we try to issue the same asset to another employee after a while.

eg: Created asset A with location and added custodian as employee 1
Now asset movement is done for asset “A” with source location “Office” from employee “1” to Employee “2”.
this gets submitted successfully.
Now again we have asset movement for asset “A” from Employee “2” to employee “3” here we get an error as “Source location is required for asset A”
Now if we add a location manually it says “Asset does not belong to mentioned location”

Hence we are stuck with asset movement from here on.
It would be great if you could look into this matter

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@KeTaki, Did you find a solution? I’m experiencing the same issue.