Measuring time based on actions per user

Dear Community,

We are brainstorming to implement the following in ERPNext in the right way. I would like to hear your advice or hopefully experience with this.

We have a quotation and this quotation has several custom statuses. Each status has its own meaning and informs in which phase this quote is. With each status change, we send an email notification to the customer. A status change can be changed by different workers. For example, for some statuses: waiting for customer approval, we want to attach actions after x amount of time. For example, when x amount of time has passed, the worker will take action to call the customer. For each status, we want to set 1 or more actions.

Then between all these phases and actions, we want to measure the time it takes on a certain status and the time spent by the worker on a status.

The timesheet in ERPNext is a solution, but it is linked or can be linked to a Project, not in the Selling module: Quotation and Sales Order.

Has anyone been able to do this with ERPNext?