Medical Records System Built on ERPNext

Hello Everyone!

First of all many thanks to the ERPNext team and the entire community for giving us such great software and framework to work with.

We are in the concluding phases of building a full Medical Records System with ERPNext and its simply amazing how efficiently the framework handles it!

Clinics can record patient info, diagnosis, enter admissions and lots more, Also, the patient is built on the customer doctype so taking payments for drugs and all is easy; This is one area we need help: Having a ‘Make’ button so that drugs can be invoiced from diagnosis/prescriptions .

We have been able to handle:
Patient records
Wards and Rooms
Child Delivery and Antenatal entry
Clinics and Facilities

With only a few changes to the core code; this project has proved very rewarding and we would love to share with anyone interested. Or maybe if this is worthwhile; the team can take it up and work it to fullness. We can share this vm image so that it gets improved if there are any interested community members.

Here are some snapshots:


We’re also working on similar project, same domain.

Except Drugs Distribution connect with Hospital. However, this time managed with POS feature to medical store. I mean, no connection between Hospital Authority & Medical Store. Screenshots looks more organized then us. We’re still improving system.

If you would like to share vm image, can be possible to collaborate with more developers and make it more enhanced version. *following topic.

Can you share git repo? Would be easier than sharing VM image

Great! Will love to share but I dont know the possibility of a git repo (as @JoEz has jinted) from the vm :confused:
I will research this. Or maybe somone can direct

if I can get some direction on how to do that; it will be great.


Firstly, nice work & project.

To get GIT happening you will need to install it first on your end

You can follow the instructions here Set up Git - GitHub Docs

You will also need to create an account on GitHub

Then you will need to create the repo which you can follow instructions here Create a repo - GitHub Docs or How to Create a Git Repository | Atlassian Git Tutorial

Hope this helps.

Thanks @Said

I have a github account but I have never used github haha! I guess I can ‘push’ the files to the repo from inside the browser or using terminal??? Inside the vm?

@noetico – Yes you should be able to push from the VM since its already installed there.

Ok; thanks! I’ll get to work on that.

I have a request for a system to be used in a chain of vet clinics and stumbled over this topic … @noetico is there any development in your project?

I saw your last posts where about struggling with git and github … maybe I could help with this if it gets us anywhere.

Hello @vrms, sure no problem, I could setup a Teamviewer session so you can do the github thing. It was customized inside a vm instance. Thanks.

ok we could try that. Which timezone are you in? I am UTC +8

Ok, I’m in GMT+1.

Am interested in this app as well. Please keep me posted. Thanks.

both of you … are you aware of this ?

till it’s merged you can check out a demo here

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No I didn’t. Thanks.

Sorry, so so sorry, I missed your last. You could just install teamviewer on your end, I’ll load the vm and give u a user id and passwrd and you’ll have control of my computer

can you propose a time (in UTC) by private message please?

I am at UTC+8, so generally UTC 22:00 - UTC 19:00 I’m awake.

hi ! im interested in the vm seems very well.

Thanks alot we are waiting your vm