Medical Records System Built on ERPNext

Thanks @Said

I have a github account but I have never used github haha! I guess I can ‘push’ the files to the repo from inside the browser or using terminal??? Inside the vm?

@noetico – Yes you should be able to push from the VM since its already installed there.

Ok; thanks! I’ll get to work on that.

I have a request for a system to be used in a chain of vet clinics and stumbled over this topic … @noetico is there any development in your project?

I saw your last posts where about struggling with git and github … maybe I could help with this if it gets us anywhere.

Hello @vrms, sure no problem, I could setup a Teamviewer session so you can do the github thing. It was customized inside a vm instance. Thanks.

ok we could try that. Which timezone are you in? I am UTC +8

Ok, I’m in GMT+1.

Am interested in this app as well. Please keep me posted. Thanks.

both of you … are you aware of this ?

till it’s merged you can check out a demo here

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No I didn’t. Thanks.

Sorry, so so sorry, I missed your last. You could just install teamviewer on your end, I’ll load the vm and give u a user id and passwrd and you’ll have control of my computer

can you propose a time (in UTC) by private message please?

I am at UTC+8, so generally UTC 22:00 - UTC 19:00 I’m awake.

hi ! im interested in the vm seems very well.

Thanks alot we are waiting your vm

O! its been ready a long time ago, I have to just upload to, it’s around 3gb+ zip, Please post me a reminder next week, I’ll upload.

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waiting u dear

Why not use the hospital module already in ERPNEXT?

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actually i didnt know it released because my version is 8
But i will sure test it in the latest version

Check out V10 HealthCare Module. It is still in beta but is excelent.
Do a fresh install using the setup wizard.
In the setup wizard you get to a Select Domain page.
From the drop down select Health Care.
This will setup your desktop correctly and will generate sample Lab tests and other medical defaults.

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did u try the patient portal dear ?