Meeting demo app is bellow tools menu


Firstly, bravo guys for your excellent job. This is the best open source software on the net. Bravo,
I am absolutelly new on erpnext/frappe, but not on ERP-ing or programming.

Can you please for a little help :

  1. After installing on standard manuelly way, app not on desk, but bellow Tools menu??
  2. When I make my first chalenge, i have two bench dir, both of them have two app.
    How to change current bench position?

Generally, i can’t start erpnext after setup second bench!!!
3. Stiill, how to start erpnext-demo and schools?

Salute and best wishes from Serbia,

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@rrad Thank you for your kind words!

Can you post specific errors or traces? Like what happens when you do bench start ?


After several days and nights I am concluded frappe not for me.
Erpnext is not my sphera of interesting. I seraching for good web database app framework.

It’s very seriously software, on other hand its have to much open question by me,
which, with my experinces on the place, if I don’t have answers in first three days, its not for me.

Still I think its is the best software in OS.

Best wishes.


You need a little bit of patience. I started using frappe a few months ago and I find to be a very capable framework. Just post specific questions on the forum there are people willing to help

Oh, tn’x on your support.

I know its excellent framework.
But its bit a to much for me at this moment.

Maybee, in next iteration!

Best wishes,