Meeting demo app, no docypte folder

Hi there,

i’m trying to build Meeting app for testing purpose on frappe installed as production environment, actually i’ve created Doctype inside the app, namely:

Meeting Agenda
Meeting Attendee
Meeting Minute

The “strange” behavior rise looking at the folders inside the apps/meeting/meeting folder, no doctype folder is there (see pic).

While in the screencast demo, i can see all the doctype related folder, is that how should be?

Thx in advance

Hi @JoEz,

first check if you have set the developer_mode in site config. Also check in doctype if the custom is checked. In case the custom is checked then doctype files and folder will not be created.

uncheck the custom option and save the doctype again. please check the screenshot below.

Thanks, Makarand

@makarand_b Thx a lot for the hint! Problem was the custom field checked in all Doctype; unchecking solved the problem!

Could u let me know why are not created for custom DocType?

Thanks a a lot again!

Hi @JoEz

If it is custom it means that it’s not part of the app (I think it only exists in DB), this way you can customize ERPNext without touching it’s codebase.

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@Pau_Rosello :thinking: got it …thx