Meeting Module Frappe Tutorial

Hey Team,

You have already posted a Frappe Tutorial which is quite old ERPNext Version ,

While developing and Meeting apps facing many issues. can anyone please Record New Video tutorial so many other developer can also learn frappe.

Thank you.


Did you check these?

Will be great if you can consider sponsoring for the development of new help videos. Contribution is how open source projects grow. Let us know if you would be interested.

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@dineshpanchal432 other than meeting app, I am planing to make video tutorial on development topic.
So can you suggest topic.

I have created one video on dropbox setting.
Next video we will public for Print Format customisation and Setting up naming series.

Note: The video will be freely available on youtube.

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@kolate_sambhaji We saw your Dropbox Video Tutorial and its worked for me. Thank you for your help.

We are not familiar with ERPNext Coding, you make a video on any development topic which covers more functionality ( i.e Fetching DocType Value , Creating and Button and many other things ) you know very well which includes many other small functionalities too.

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@dineshpanchal432 If not technical, I believe you have good coverage on the functional side. Do try answering functional queries on the forum. The point being, try and contribute in some way.


In your next video. Can you show how to generate PDF from html template or jinja template? I want to generate pdf with password.

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@umair Thank you. Sure i will give my best to contribute from my side.