Meetings are Not visiable on Calender

I have cloned your meeting app from
‘github dot com/frappe meeting.’
Install app and sites using instructions on
‘github dot com/frappe/meeting/blob master/meeting/docs/’
but problem is that meeting are not shown on calendar
when I try to access/desk#Calendar as show on tutorials but it say page is not found.

What is the error?

Thanks for your reply.

actually there is no Error
but I don’t know what mistake I am doing ,I am noob here all I am doing is following tutorial on my website is not working as they are doing in tutorials

working fine with me…did not get the app from GitHub…but followed the youtube videos to customise the app according to our requirements !!

I was also doing the same follow tutorials, but problem was the same , so I thought I will be doing some kind of mistake, I decide to clone original code and create project.but issue is still same.