Meetup close to Parma/Cremona/Mantova area

Dear ERPNext Developers in the Italian Community

Is there anyone interested in meeting together to discuss ERPNext? I’m located around 30km north of Parma in case there is interest, please let me know.


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Hi Nash, do you have news on meetup or ERPNext implementation?

Hi @Giuseppe_Lamatrice,

Thanks for your response.

Yes, ERPNext is trugging along very well.

I got some help from Massimiliano Corvino, since the Italian invoicing is now integrated into the core. So nothing needs to be done, and I had tried to do Chart of Accounts based on older version and that was not necessary. I was using a 3 year old implementation of ERPNext for accounting that fell flat on its face when the recent upgrade to 12 came in. I’d also not touched the installation since the time that e-invoicing came in since my accountant was doing that. Now I’ve got an instance on an internal cloud and it works really well. I’m trying learn the ropes of modifying the things I want it to do. Massimiliano and his colleague Gaurav were great in identifying the issue in no time. Since that time, I’ve done two installations one for development (frappe) and one stable.

Where are you located? Feel free to call me on telegraph using imnashero