Memebership renewal - procedure

I got a mail implying my membership in the Foundation needed renewal sometime soon.
Logged in and … couldn’t find info about membership end date?.

Found the payment entry in the Ledger Report for the “Customer” I am, so, yes I’m overdue.
I suggest to me a little more forward from the Foundations side. Renewal of memeberships is crucial to the entire existence of the foundation so it Should e an automated process.

I suggest to automatically send a Quotation or Sales Invoice even 1 month prior end of membership. The membership fees are high enough to require some sort of budgeting, so nobody should be hit by that without propper notice (maybe one month even is short for the Gold/Silver members).

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Yes, we are automating this process.

I was thinking about just an email but email with quotation one month prior to the expiry of membership would be better.

We will implement this shortly.



I’d add instructions for how to pay, incl. a link

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