Menu "About" still shows 8.0.0-beta after updating ERPNext to 8.0.21

Hi everyone,

I updated Frappé and ERPNext with command “bench update”, but after update, when click on “Help → About”, it still shows these versions [2]. When I run “bench version”, it shows is updated [2].

Is there something else it is needed for getting the right version from menu “About”?

Thanks in advanced

ERPNext: v8.0.0-beta (c75becc) (develop)
Frappe Framework: v8.0.0-beta (3f6121b) (develop)

erpnext 8.0.21
frappe 8.0.32

You are on the develop branch (which is not good for production)

If you are running in production, you should be on the master branch.

Search the forums for bench switch-to-master to see what to do


Is it no supposed it is updated because when I ru n “bench version” shows the latest version of Frappé and ERPNext?


You’re on the develop branch. The About menu is correct. I don’t know how bench version works so I cant comment on that.

But either way, you need to search for what i mentioned above.


I just did you said me. I run “bench switch-to-master”, then “bench update --patch” and then “bench update”. Now the menu “About” shows this [1]. What I’m missing for setting ERPNext to master and then to latest version?


ERPNext: v8.x.x-beta (6324987) (develop)
Frappe Framework: v8.0.35 (master)

bench clear-cache may do the trick


I’m going to try.

Thanks for your help.