Menu Print display without descimal value while PDF or Full Page display with decimal value


PDF/Full page



Unfortunately I am not able to replicate your issue, for me it appears in decimals everywhere. Can you provide any other example and in which module is it happening?

When you click from menu print and if decimal value is not there, it does not print .0 or .00 but when you click pdf it displays .0 even it does not have decimal value.

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In which module is it happening? Is it some report?

It is in invoice.

.print-format table, .print-format tr, .print-format td, .print-format div, .print-format p { font-family: Monospace; font-size: 8; vertical-align: top; } @media print { html, body { display: block; font-family: "Calibri"; padding: 0.10in; width: 8.5in; margin-left: 0in; margin-top: 1in; height: 12in; footer {page-break-after: always;} } @page { size: 21.59cm 30.48cm; } }

Are you using custom print format?

Yes because I have 13 columns and taxes and charges if > 0 then print and in pre printed paper.