Merge duplicated customers

Is there a way to do this currently? If so what is the proper way?

If there is a way, will the customer records merge? Which customer will stay and which will merge into the current?

Yes you can merge customer by renaming them to the desired name and click merge.

All the records of the old customer will be merged

Sorry, but this is not too clear?

So in this example:

Customer A (named “John Doe”) is the original customer
Customer B (named “John Doe” as well) is the new duplicated customer

I go to Customer B’s profile, Menu->Rename.

There is a field called New Name which has the current customer ID. There is also the “Merge with existing” checkbox.

What would be entered in the field?

I hope this 44 second video helps: ERPNext Merge Customers - YouTube

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Thank you for that.

If I may suggest feedback. I think this feature needs a bit of clarification as the interface is not too intuitive. Perhaps a “lookup” option to see which customer you want to merge with would help.

You can create a new issue for this request:

If you have any suggestions on improving the UX, they are always welcome!