Merge two or more childtable in print format

we can merge child table in print format?

Hi @Darshit_Patel,

Please elaborate on your scenario, then will understand the community about your question.

Hii @NCP

I have two child tables like
1)Quotation item and
2)working details

Now i want to merge both table in one table in print format

Thanks in Advance

Hi @Darshit_Patel,

You should create a custom print format for it.

Thank You!

I also make custom printformat but that is not work


We haven’t any idea what is your actual scenario but I just share the syntax.

      <th>Item Code</th>
      <th>Item Name</th>
      <th>Work Detail Field 1</th>
      <th>Work Detail Field 2</th>
    {% for quotation_item in doc.items %}
    {% for working_detail in doc.working_details %}
      <td>{{ quotation_item.item_code }}</td>
      <td>{{ quotation_item.item_name }}</td>
      <td>{{ quotation_item.quantity }}</td>
      <td>{{ working_detail.field_1 }}</td>
      <td>{{ working_detail.field_2 }}</td>
    {% endfor %}
    {% endfor %}

Hello @NCP

Yes that’s it same scenario