Merge/Unmerge Items

How to Unmerge 2 items that i allready merge it and they have balance in the stock?

It’s not possible. You will have to create another Item and then make Stock Entries to separate their balance.

S, what about stock balance? i thought stock will increase?

Why would stock increase? The stock of the Item would be split into the 2 new Items as needed…

Stock wont increase but the user should have option of unmerging the item back to original items. Creating a new item to split is not appropriate solution.

Let’s say I make a limited time special offer. Upon completion of the time period the items should be back into original items so I can make sales straight away.

BTW. I am referring to Product Bundle. Not of of item merge by way of renaming the item code


can we merge two items and merge their stock

Product Bundles are non-stock items. There are no stock entries associated with them. The only stock entries will be for their sub-items.

If you want to merge items A and B, rename B to A and select the “merge” checkbox. There stock is combined under the name A.

Note: This is permanent and you can’t undo once you do this.