Merging Custom Fields by Multiple Developer

Hi All,
We have 2 to 3 developers who have forked the main branch and are working on custom functionality. Each would be creating custom fields and custom doctype. When they try to merge the code using git, the custom_field.json is having merge conflict and git is not automatically able to merge.

Also we find it difficult to manually merge it as the JSON file is large and prone to manual error.

Is there a standard way to merge Custom Field changes made by multiple developer?


Hi Saravana,
Standard practise is your team checkout branch for each feature or bug fix from origin branch. After they can start coding on it once they complete they need to create merge request. It will solve your problem.

Hi @sumanth Thanks for your reply. We are able to merge the source code. That is not an issue. The problem is when creating merge request(Pull request), we are unable to merge the custom_field.json as the comparison of the JSON file is not happening properly. The comparison is highlighting may changes which is due to incorrect comparsion.

Any suggestion on the approach we need to follow for the custom_field.json?


You can export customization for each doctype rather than using export fixtures.
Easier to merge

@SubhajitDey. Thanks for the Suggestion.