Merging Duplicate items in Sales Invoice

Dear Members,

After Creating my Production flow I stuck at the Sales invoice Items.

According to my flow for Every customer for Every New order the New sales order should be created and after delivery the Delivery note should be submitted, say for examples if Customer A has given me the order of 10 Apples today so We have to create Sales order for the same and Delivery Note for the same after delivery, same thing goes if he is giving me the 8 Apples order tomorrow. I will create the Sales Invoice after One week on the basis of Delivery Note.

Now While creating sales Invoice I click get the items from and Select the all delivery note for the customer, In this case it add the Same item i.e. Apple multiple times with different qty, I can understand that it may be importing the items per delivery note basis and adding it so that the billing status of the Delivery note and sales order can be change.

But I want that if the Items are duplicate then it should merge them and give me the final qty in invoice, is there any way where I can create the Separate table in sales invoice and call these Items from sales invoice and merge them, and accordingly I can change my Print Format ?

If anyone has done that please let me know how.


Created a Github Issue for this feature.

If it is a high priority, you can also consider offering a bounty for this feature.

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Hi @umair

Thanks a lot for creating an issue, I will follow up this, what will be the cost if I will go for bounty ?


Deepak Singh