Message "Customer is required against receivable account" when closing the Point Of Sales

i tried Point Of Sales in ERPNEXT v13 beta.
when i want closing the POS, i found the message :

is there any miss of configuration so i can’t close the POS?

any clue?

have you set a customer in invoice?

Hi @saurabh6790 Yes, i have set customer in POS trx (pos invoice)

We would need to see a better screen sbot to evaluate what is actually presented in the customer field. The current screen shot does not show this.


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Hi @bkm,
i created customer field like this:

pos closing entry :


You may have flagged the account you used in the Payment Method as a Receivable account. Just remove that and your transaction should go through.

I had the same issue and then managed to figure it out.

Hope this helps.