Meta is not working in Frappe Documentation


I was learning frappe framework through this documentation. Under the heading Doctype , in the line learn more about Meta, when i click the link its not working.

Thanks for reporting this, submitted this PR fix 404 link to Meta and Fieldtypes 'external' docs by clarkejj · Pull Request #217 · frappe/frappe_io · GitHub

Welcome and Thanks for submitting that PR :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Jenisha,

Here’s are the two page sections with the correct link:

A DocType not only stores fields, but also other information about how your data behaves in the system. We call this Meta. Since this meta-data is also stored in a database table, it makes it easy to change meta-data on the fly without writing much code. Learn more about Meta.

These fieldtypes serve a variety of use-cases. Learn more about Fieldtypes

I am not informed on the review schedule to merge and deploy changes to frappe_io to the master branch.