Metabase with ERPNext

Hi, Just some information for those who are interested in writing their own reports and dashboards. I’ve found Metabase BI toll very useful. Open up your database connection, connect metabase to your database and start browsing tables and create reports.


Just some basic test, it’s very easy to add your own columns and use formulas. Like I’ve added Days Old column to the invoice table.

@iadr3805 how about a step-by-step how-to-guide ?

@iadr3805 that was exactly what i was looking for thank you so much!! it works great!

Its straight forward to run Metabase and connect to ERPNext DB.
I’m still struggling to get an ER diagram for ERPNext to make report writing easier but haven’t been able to with workbench.

We dont have ER Diagram as such at present as per my knowledge. But you can use MySQL workbench and other such schema browsing tools to get started.

We also have this (might be outdated due to version 8 changes):

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For those who are interested in an installed software and a familiar office product feel. Install Microsoft Power BI desktop edition.

Data Visualization | Microsoft Power BI

Metabase is awesome!!!

Is it possible to integrate this INSIDE ERPnext? Like an extra tab, menu or iframe etc? This looks like a MUST HAVE. Thanks for the share.

Would love to know where we are on this - Im looking into this as well as @tmatteson and I working on a dashboard builder.

Need a walkthrough on gaining access to DB I assume i have to do a port forwarding thing since my install is on Google cloud?

Metabase is awesome. I make some views on database and allow Metabase to access those views. Now staffs can make their own report based on that view while keep some confidential information.

However, integrating Metabase into ERPNext is somehow not bring so many value. At the end of day, Metabase help you to make SQL query for easily. I prefer for frequent report in Metabase, we can copy the SQL code into ERPNext custom report.

Good Morning, i am having few challenges installing Metabase on my Bench…
Any help Please

I’m not sure how you do it but Metabase is seperated application running on Java. How can you use it with Bench?

I saw a thread Metabase with ERPNext which i am trying to achieve.

Any help installing this?
i have some issues
There are some required field thats not just working for me

I think it’s very basic of setting up Metabase and how to connect database. You can find out on Metabase website. There are tons of material there and you can research to do by yourself

Thank You

Hello @iadr3805 the link shared is not valid. Please do you have the updated link as i need to be able to connect this to my ERP Next DB

I expect the next iteration of the Frappe Report Builder to have similar features… hopefully. Generating reports from single tables without charts is currently one of the biggest drawbacks in the Frappe/ERPNext product… especially when hosting in the ERPNext cloud

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