Method @frappe.whiltelist()

Im trying pass in javascript the method of my custom app, but im not having success in that.
My python code are in: frappe-bench/apps/financeiro/financeiro/financeiro/doctype/titulos/

How can i call that?

Plese see my example :

// msg: button name
frappe.ui.form.on("yourdoctype", "msg",
    function(frm) {{
            "method": "financeiro.financeiro.doctype.titulos.titulos.call_me"
            callback: function (data) {

You have to declare a whitelisted method in your py module

def call_me():
  msgprint("call me")
  return "call_me data"

py module or py doctype?

@Leonardo_Augusto sorry, add it in

Let me try, thank you for now

That works!
Thanks for help @Mohammed_Redha