Mid Year Transition to ERP - Recording Current Expenses

Hello -

I am currently in a bit of a mess. My company decided to transition into ERP Next with a hopeful start date of August 2022. I was hired in November. The old software was not used after 7/31. However, ERP Next was initiated and some transactions were made in August. I have tried to finish with the old software (which was very shaky) so that I may transfer the balances to ERP Next.

I have had virtually no problem bringing in the Balance Sheet accounts with the Open Invoice Creation Tool. However, I cannot bring my expenses onto the ERP Books from the old software. I try using a Journal Entry with the Temporary openings like some other balance sheet accounts, but it keeps telling me that it cannot be done.

How am I supposed to bring in the current year expenses and revenue into ERP from the old software?

Please note that the software is over 25 years old and this will most likely need done manually.

Your last line is the solution I am afraid.

Standard method is to close the financial book on old system and bring the balance sheet information to new system. For income and expenses use Sales Invoice and Purchase Invoice with actual dates as per old system. After this past the payment entries. If you are managing inventory then take care in bringing and deducting inventory using update stock in each of the documents.

These 2 documents are from Profit and loss side. Expenses can be done by debiting and crediting correct ledgers. Don’t try to use temporary ledger. It won’t work and even if you somehow make it work you will be lost.

If you are not an accountant then I strongly suggest that you speak to your company auditors to guide you. Else you will end up with a very large mess then current state. It’s not an easy task. You cannot simply bring 25 years of data. Ideally anything pre closing should be left in previous system. You can keep it running only to view historical information. I hope some of the experts on the forum may guide you better.

Best of luck.

Even though it is Manual labor you could try to make an autohotkey script that does it for you overnight. Given it doesnt involve classification of some sorts. I am dealing with long delaminated software too and this helped me to generate thousands of invoices again.

For the record script:
Mouse And Keyboard Macro Recorder - AutoHotkey Community
In case you need to read something that pops up on the screen: