Migrate attached files from ERPNext Server to external storage (like s3 i.e.)

There are 2 ways to attach files to documents in ERPNext

  1. uploading a file which is then stored on the same server as your ERPNext instance (~/frappe-bench/sites/private/files), or
  2. linking a URL of a file located on any external location

when you start out with an empty instance the less complex variant is the ‘local solution’ (attachments stored within the ERPNext server), so I assume most people will be using that at least at the beginning

Now if there is any point where you may be feeling you are out growing your server due to amount of space needed for attachments is there any method to easily move or migrate existing attachments to an external service (s3 or such i.e.) or is this a one-by-one manual process?

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Yes, I am wondering if there are other options…
Attach documents and instead of everything being dumped into /private/files and a choice to have /private/files/2017 and /private/choice/2018, etc.
Like a folder for each fiscal year for instance.
The reason I am asking this is because we keep backing up huge folders when really only a few documents are being updated. This takes a lots of bandwidth and there is no reason for us to keep nightly backing up folder with 10000 files that are from previous fiscal year.
I hope it make senses …

I don’t think your response sits well in this Topic. Even though it scratches on a similar issue, it’s not really related to the question I have raised here.


  1. your comment does not help with coming to a solution for this Topic
  2. Nobody will find your question because you raise it hidden into a Topic with only a very slight relation to your problem

I highly suggest you create an independent topic for your question if you care about actual contributions to it.

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