Migrate Frappe + ERP Next to another server


In a few months I will have to move my ERPNext installation to a new servers, and was hoping there would be some guide in how to do this. Most important: Database + Images + Custom Scripts. Can anyone help indicate how this is done?

do you have a backups?

if you have backup you can restore everything easily using this command

bench --site [sitename] --force restore [path to database backup file] --with-private-files [relative-path-to-private-files-backup-file] --with-public-files [relative-path-to-public-files-backup-file]

Yes I do, I have backups through ERPNext + my current hosting.

Thanks for your tips on restoring. Could you please instruct in how to remove or download the backups so that I may upload into a second server?

if you have installed erpnext in new server you can upload backups as attachment using files doctype in erpnext then you will find it in your new servers files

Go to Setup>Download Backup. Click Download Files Backup to create latest file. Wait for it to generate the file. You will find new backup file in the table below. Click on the latest file to download it to your machine.

Use this file to upload to your new server.

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path to use:
[site name]/public/files/[file name]

someone might find this useful