Migrate from 3 to 5 across servers

Hi all,

I have a running ERPNextv3 setup which needs to be migrated to v5 on a new server

  • Can the migrate-to-v5 command take care of this directly ? Can I copy the site from the v3 server to the v5 bench and clone the SQL database ?
  • Would running migrate-3to4 before help ? Can I run this command in v5 ?
  • Would I need to setup v3 on the new server (setting up v5 on the existing server is not and option) ?

Alternatively, can I manually modify the files / database to make them v5 compliant ? I’m not squeemish and can handle config files and sql - but know nothing about ERPNext.

Thanks for the help

@coriolan you will have to checkout a version 4 (see tags) first and then migrate to version 5. We don’t carry over old patches.

You cannot directly migrate from 3 to 5.

If you want to do this manually, re-import in version 5 as if you are starting fresh.

@rmehta. Thanks for your reply. Unfortuantely that will require to shift (reinstall) v3 on the new server, then upgrade to v4 and then v5… :frowning:

Can a backup from v3 be restored in v5 ?

No, it will not have patches from v4

edit: you can restore v3 into v4 though (I think)