Migrate from doctype folder code to databases

i have mistakenly deleted databases of my erpnext. but all doctype folder and code are there. how i can migrate from doctype folder to database, is there any option to bring my databases.

Thanks in advance

Create new-site, you can bring it back but you won’t get data such as Custom script, Customize field which you added in doctype.

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if you configured the auto backup, you can restore the latest backup.

thanks @bhavikpatel7023, @adnan

Try to restore the database (Google will help). I too had experienced this twice. Database was empty but i was able to see doctypes, custom fields even custom scripts too. After some search I found the solution. So google it and you will find it definitely.

Also, one time my system hanged and on restart the db was back. So you can try this also

@nikzz thanks…