Migrate from EC2 to Managed Hosting Provided by ERPNext

I have been using ERPNext for 2 years now. I had initially hosted it on EC2 but have been contemplating migrating to hosting services provided by ERPNext. Why pay Jeff afterall? Can anyone guide me on how I can do this? I have a lot of customisations done. I want all of those to be migrated.


how did you make the customisation? custom app? from front end? or directly to the erpnext/frappe app ?

Hi! Thank you for your reply. Some of my customizations are on the front end. While some are in a custom app.

you can create a custom bench on frappe cloud, add your app and restore the db, you will not lose any data / customisations.

@aashayb Please create a ticket on frappecloud.com/support, we can quickly get you onboard.

BTW, Frappe Cloud is now on AWS. So we are paying Jeff after all.

Hey! @adityahase
Thanks for reaching out. Will do that, sure. Was curious - what benefits do we reep by moving from EC2 to Frappe Cloud? Currently I’m on a spot instance - the cost is a fraction of the actual EC2 cost. Why move at all then? Apart from supporting the organization?