Migrate Previous year accounting data from third party softaware

Please provide step by step guidance to migrate all accounting data of current financial and past one year

I want to start use erpnext accounting from next financial year.

Please help me with this.

Best Practice is to start with the opening balances. Close the financial year in old accounting software and take the closing balance and upload the same in the ERPNext.

Uploading transaction level data from old software to ERPNext is cumbersome job and not recommended.

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Client wants to transfer all data, from where i should start?

Should i start from importing COA and then party(customer & supplier),items,and then all purchase and sales invoices ?

Currently which software used at client Place ?

If Tally is in use there is migration utility available.

Again, Ask customer if customer needs the details of only outstanding Invoices, we don’t need to migrate all the data from old system. You can upload the outstanding sales and purchase invoice details during opening balance.

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