Migrate to V14 from V12

Please Guide me to migrate database form version 12 to version 14
as it created some database tables error.


Why do you want to migrate only the database?

What steps have you taken, and what errors have you received?

What is your system configuration - on-premise, cloud, etc?

Please provide more information. please share the error traceback

Skipping versions isn’t generally advisable as it may result in database inconsistencies you’re experiencing. Best course of action is to migrate first to V13 so all the database patches for that version are applied and then you take a v13 backup and migrate to V14. This way you are sure that all database changes/patches are applied at every stage.


I have restore database of v12 to the v14 but it shows error when migrate bench

And show this error when try to access site.

I have v12 bench on the frappe cloud.
I want to move to v14 and also to the another admin account to the frappe cloud

I don’t want to upgrade on previous cloud.

@poojavadher , I have done migration with the same error and it was resolved.

It’s better to move from V12 > v13 > v14.

There are lots of changes avaialble and it must be required to execute in database according doctype.


Correct you have to move the database 12 to 13 after that 13 to 14. thats the best approach