Migrating Accounting System


New to the (excellent) community here and trying to find the best way to import our past accounting information into ERPNext. Currently, the info is handled by an accounting firm we use through a (non online) software called Smartbit (MARCHASYSTEMS is the provider).
Any recommendation as per how to best operate the migration from a technical standpoint?
Many thanks in advance.

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wait for the start of the next fiscal year and start from scratch with a bunch of opening balances I’d say.
The time till then I’d use to setup and get used to ERPNext

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Thank you for this. Afraid I gotta be up and running in apprx 90 days!! :smile:

is there any way to get csv files exported from your current system?

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Have a test rep ready (where you can download all transaction as needed)
Build chart of account first
Make sure your warehouse are in, your customers are in, your suppliers are in
Download all transactions in a .csv file (careful with date)
I suggest you only care about 1 type of transaction at a time (stock entry, transfer, invoices, voucher, etc.)

Give it a try

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@Olivier_HFF welcome to the forum :smile:

Must users get up and running < 2 weeks!

See these videos to get started: - YouTube

opening accounts: - YouTube

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Thank you François. Sounds like a good plan of action. Will keep you posted!

Both video links are private videos. How we can check those videos?

We want to migrate our tally data to erpnext

Hi there,

You are responding to a thread that is nearly six years old. A lot has changed since then.

For up to date information on migration, your best bet is the documentation:

above documentation will help you.