Migrating chart of accounts from one system to another

So I modified my chart of accounts. Added, removed, renamed some accounts. A lot of what I did was to add account codes to the name to make it easy. I did this in my test account and I want to export this and import into my new production account. The problem I see is that when I renamed the accounts that changed the IDs as well. So I’m not sure how to replace the production system chart of accounts with the ones from test system.

From Demo instance, Export the accounts in csv format using Data Import Tool.

In production instance, delete all the existing accounts and import the csv file. The rows in the csv file must be in ascending order using “Lft” column’s value, which ensures importing parent account first.

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Hi @nabinhait,

thanks for the response. What do you mean by “Lft” column’s value? Also, is there an easy way to delete all the exisiting accounts. Or do I have to delete them one by one in the interface?

Thank you in advance.

I also get errors like this: Cannot delete or cancel because Account Debtors - TC is linked with Company Test Company

You have to remove all the default accounts from the Company.

There are hidden fields called “Lft” and “Rgt” to generate tree structure based on nested set model. You can use the field to import parents first.

You can go to list view of Account and delete multiple records at once using “Select All” feature.

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