Migrating databases from ERPNext 8. x To ERPNext 12 instance using Virtual Box VM

Hello All

We have a client using ERPNext 8.x instance that was running on a local server, and the hard drive crashed. We have the SQL database backup from this as well as a file backup. We are looking at migrating these databases to a new ERPNext 12 instance. We use VirtualBox for this,
So the assistance we need is as follows:

  1. How do we get the latest ERPNext Virtual Box VM
  2. How do we restore or migrate the Backup to the latest ERPNext Virtual Box VM
    Await your response thanks
    Francis Erikefe

The Vbox ova can be downloaded here: https://erpnext.org/download

Restoring a version 8 database to 12 will likely be difficult, and it might be worth seeing if self hosting support can assist.