Migrating from existing accounting software/ERP like Tally, Busy etc

Hi all,

We are currently using BUSY accounting software. We have signed up for a trial account since about 10 days now (after trying out hands on a self deployed instance on a trial VPS). We have roped in our accounts and finance team to do the trial but we having become accustomed to BUSY, even after 10 days, we are not able to fully understand how to map the existing business processes that we do in BUSY to ERPNext. I read this blog for an idea but it is for Tally and also, it is too basic.

I hope any existing users(there are a good 100+ companies already I read somewhere!) who might have migrated from BUSY or the like can put in their two cents.

Or maybe the developers (the "creators" as I will call them) can help us. [If this could get better responses in the developers forum, kindly met me know, thanks:-) ]

Thank you for reading everyone. I will be grateful for any little help in this matter.

Thanks & Regards,
Shubham Gupta
Shobha Cards Pvt Ltd.

Note: If you visit our ERPNext link, you will see how we use the <frames> tag to show our hosted instance running under our domain. I hope that's legal and fair :-)

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