MIgrating from Manager.io to ERPNext

Hi All,
i am just getting to explore erp next to implement in my business.
i ve been using manager.io last 3years, i was recommended to erpnext.

Just wanted to check if someone in forum used or migrated from manager to this system. that could help me getting it straight without doing too much of trial and error.

And where do i see all default Reports
And what is best way to start with this system

Thanks n Regards

Welcome to Amzing community @ismailR Please go through below Manual which is very simple and quick.

here i have a major setback. i wanted to make a sample transaction starting with quoation.
i created 3 items, idea is to create quoation and pull all the 3 items into it in single fetch, but there is no facility to do that in one stroke. i have to fill the data each item one by one.
our sales is like each quotation runs into between 10 to 100 items.

The ideal way is , that all, say a 50 items are created/imported into system with a common prefix, ( eg: item code 485-01, 485-02, 485-03 ,485-50) so when this common prefix (485) is searched or selected it should populate all the 50 line items in any of the document (lead or opportunity or quotation or directly to sales order).

How to do this please.

you should close at manager and start at ERPNext with closing data
you should not carry transactions to ERPNext
just carry balances
we can provide migration support
we just upgrade one client recently manager.io to ERPNext