Migrating from Perfex CRM to ERPNext

Hello, We would like to migrate from Perfex CRM to ERPNext, I understand that this could be a job of export & importing excel sheets but I would like to go ahead with the best practices.

One of the hicups I am facing is that with Perfex CRM there is no inventory module, so importing all my past invoices & quotations etc. it is difficult to match it to the ‘items’ in ERPNext.

I would like to know your opinion/guidance on what is the best way to do this? Should I create a standard item for all old items or how should I do it?

Noting that I have approx. 2-3 years worth of history data.

Will also appreciate if someone can guide me as a freelancer?

Hello Alibinhd,
Your question is a combination of an accounting matter and dev matter.
The solution depends on the step of use of erpnext at which you are at the moment. Are you at the start of the implementation or you are using it for some time?
The second important question is if you want to have the history movements of your inventory in erpnext or only the customer sales history.
There are also some accounting steps needed in order to align the values of your products with the accounts in your balance sheet.

regards, Giovanni

Hello Giovanni,

Thank you for your reply.

Currently, I am at the start of the implementation of ERPNext and still have not migrated to it.

I would like to only have the headlines of the history not necessarily all the details to the dot (as they are not available) of the past but the future should be more organized etc.

Data migration is highly over rated and is, most times, not worth the trouble. If you have to migrate data, make a custom DocType and migrate the essential information (Customer, Invoice/Quotation Value, etc. etc.)

Importing that into the a Regimented doctype such a Quotation and Invoice which are documents that can be submitted is a big problem. Like all those documents can have downstream and upstream links. Connecting all of that is really a humongous task. I would just focus on the future.

You of course need to migrate Customer Masters, Customer Contacts, Addresses, Active Quotations, Active Sales Orders and Invoices for which you have not got paid yet.

The rest, capture the consolidated values in the Trail Balances that you will import.

Hope this helps.