Migration from V3.14

I have installed V7 on a CentOS 7 droplet. Only now, I understand that to migrate to 7, I must migrate first to 4, then 5, then 6.

This would require successfully installing 4, successfully migrating to same, backing up, then repeating, several times.

As I’ve seen that getting a successful installation can be tricky and time-consuming, I shudder to think how long this will take, but I’m willing to give it a try.

Instead, I had planned to use the export/import functions with .csv files, but while I have dozens of templates available in V3 (account, activity type, address…), I V7 I only have 16, and all seem website-related (blog category, blog post, blogger).

Thus, my question(s): Is there an easier way? If not, where can find install scripts for every needed version? I don’t see V4 on GitHub.

Thank you all again :slight_smile:

@chrisklinger: not sure I got your point on,

In fact, ERP Next V.7.x Data Import Tool can generate a separate template for every DocType in the system (Customer, Address, Contact, Item, Supplier etc.). So you can plan for migrating all of the essential data from your legacy system via batch import files in csv format (you would need to figure out the right mapping of your data to DocTypes in v.7 though).

In terms of massive batch import of data, there is no easy and magic way to manage massive data uploads unfortunately. AFAIK, there are three principal ‘hardcore’ options available for you as follows

I hope it is helpful.


Thank you gvyshnya14h1, this indeed gives me hope.

I realize now that I had no templates because ERPNext was not installed. Rebuilt site and installed ERPNext.

Thank you so much!


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