Migration of transaction with attachement

Hi All,

I’m looking on idea how to migrate transaction(i.e Sales Order, etc) with attachment from site A to site B.
So far, I have tried to use mariadb to include the attachment to the transaction table. For an example, i have create a dummy doctype, with image attachment. I create an empty document, then add the link to the attachment via sql.

The image is indeed loaded after the sql query. However, the attachment does not reflected on the transaction doctype under Attach Files
Below is the result:

Any ideas to include files under the Attach Files field?

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You will also have to migrate the related File record.


I have a business requirement similar here to transfer a specific number of the documents with ‘Attachments’

1- There are 100 purchase orders with attachments at Current PROD [only 20 PO Approved & Submitted].
2- As part of Data Cleansing and Reimplementation, it is required to migrate (transfer) only approved and submitted purchase orders with linked attachments from ‘Current PROD’ to ‘New PROD’

Please advise how to get this requirement done?
Is it Functional or Technical activity?
What is used Tool / Technique / Functionality…etc.?
Expecting your appreciated support and feedback.