Migration : request for infos

Hi Guys,
i’m a not familiar with erpnext or frappe neither, i am here because i have to perform a migration. so, i do have few questions :slight_smile:

  1. does the version of erpnext installed on the old server have to match the new one ? it seems that the frappe version on the old is 4.0.1. is it bad ? (how do i get the erpnext version ?)



In a terminal session , try: bench version. or see if Help, About when looged into the UI.

Hi @rootinshell !

Really if you are “not familiar with erpnext or frappe neither” - I’ll suggest you that you should not try to do this job without getting help more than a forum can deliver. Both databases has to be analysed and compared column by column. Every other way I’m quite sure will result in a damaged target system.