Migration tool needed to migrate from lower ERPNext version

To ERPNext team,

I know it is very hard to migrate from lower version to higher version, so recently i’m wondering, if we can have a migration tool in higher version erpnext, and just enter the old erpnext IP address/url, admin username and password, and click one button to migrate all data including user to the higher version.

Which can really set us free for smooth upgrading from lower version to higher version!

Is it difficult to realize?

But that ‘problem free’ tool you envision is none other than the migration tool, no?

The best way to improve it is for users to report their problem for that fix to be added.

IMO the real problem is users opt not to upgrade in a timely manner?

When you defer maintenance, technical debt increases so the upgrade cost increases.


It is likely even more difficult than @clarkej describes.

If the client waits until the jump to the new version is more than one major version away, for instance trying to get from v8 to v10, the availability of the version 9 upgrade tools are not always easy to find. Yet you would need them to transition your data from v8 to v9 so that the v10 upgrade tools would work properly to take your data from v9 the rest of the way to v10. It requires someone with more than just a little knowledge of ERPNext Versioning to find all the upgrade tools between the old version and the new target version.

The more version between the old and the new target, the more complicated the process will become.

There are others on the forum here that have done it, but it takes a lot of effort.



Hi @clarkej,

Thanks for your reply, actually I have tried to uprgrade from V7 to V8 when V8 just released, but it failed, I have saw there are some methods to upgrade V7 to V10 in forum. I will try them out for sure.

I just suggest to think for an entry level user, which way to smoothly upgrade will attract more users. Of course it should be UI based operation for entry level users.

My system is small and probably not as complicated as some of the implimentations out there. However, I have not ever had an update/upgrade problem that the community and team were unable to help with.
There are some requests that take a while to address, since people donate their time here for free.

If you make a backup of your system, and then try the upgrade and post detailed logs/descriptions to the discussions/forum, chances are extremely good that someone will help you or point you in the right direction to solve the problem yourself (& learn at the same time).
If you also share your solutions you can teach us all something too. Everyone here is probably happy to learn as well.


Thanks @trentmu,

What I’m doing is as you said, the forum help me a lot. I almost can find solutions for any problem, and I just need to spend some time to follow the steps.

Here I share why I have the idea:

Currently what I’m doing is duplicate a droplet (I’m using digitalocean) , and do upgrade on the new droplet, if upgrade successfully, I will point my domain dns to new droplet ip address, I think this way is better than backup, because current system still works no mattet what I have done on new droplet.

And I have watched the erpnext video to introduce the migration plan and migration tools modules (to sync data from shopify, github). It seems that we can achieve a simple migration from different droplet since the tool is pretty much ready, just need to know the variable names, and they should be almost the same since it is just migrate from lower to higher version.
video link: Data Migration Tool in Frappe Framework, by Faris & Prateeksha - YouTube

That’s why I suddenly came up a method which should be possible to realize, I will try out the migration plan and migration tool myself. But if I can get some advice, I will be very appreciate for help from all of you, thanks!

There now tests to check migration from v7 onwards. So in most cases, upgrades should be smooth. If there are bug reports, we usually put a fix.


Thanks @rmehta,

I will try to upgrade soon.

it is a relief to even hear this. :slight_smile: