Migration tools from another ERP?


I’m wondering what tools my fellow community members use to migrate from existing ERP systems?

(Talend? ERPNext’s data Import? Custom modules? Custom Script)


We are using ERPNext’s data Import tool…


@Basawaraj_Savalagi Thanks.

Few question regarding to data import:

  1. Is there any option to track back-linking while data import from another software.
    (e.g. If we want to import Purchase Order and Purchase Receipt, then how to keep linking OF Purchase Receipt and Purchase order.

  2. validation script is not running while importing data, Is there any hack for this?

Bad idea! Best to remove broken links else this will create bad data

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@kolate_sambhaji I havent started importing transaction data yet… But ya its a very important point…Ill have to come up with something for validation…

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For importing data we use the native Import-Tool of ERPNext. There we prepare the needed CSV templates.

Then we use Talend OpenStudio DI (Data Integration) for gathering the data from the legacy system and transform them to the target CSV-format. The generated CSV-files will be imported with Standard ERPNext. Either ineractively in the GUI or on the commandline.

In general terms: The process of taking over data from a legacy system is everytime an individual task, which requires much experiences and detective work for getting all important data and put them into a form, which is suitable for ERPNext. Sometimes it makes sense also to add some Custom Fields to ERPNext DocTypes.
Also a very deep understanding of ERPNext is helpfull, because you must know, how ERPNext is working under the hood. This is very important especially considering DocType naming and references to DocTypes and how to handle them correctly.

We have choosen Talend, because with this tool the ransformation can be done in a very structured way with powerfull helping tools. Also the maintenance is very easy with Talend. E.g. if some new fields are required to transfer.

A very imprtant aspect in Talend is he possibility to write Java-Functions for making a custom-mapping of values against values in ERPNext.

Talend frees you from the need to write boilerplate code for parsing CSV, XML or other data formats or for accessing databases. You can concentrate on the mapping of the data. Also making lookups and joins or filtering is very easily done in Talend.

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