Minimum Bandwidth Require for ERP Next

Dear Team,
Please tell me how much of minimum bandwidth required for ERP Next for fetching the data from server with out delay and loading.

Hello Vivek,

It will be just usable at 512 KB connection as well. Higher the bandwidth available, better will be the performance.

Thank you for your kind reply

Hi Umair
On the same issue , i have moved my instance of erpnext to a private VPS over the weekend.
After completing some setups and generating a test quote , i was blocked by the host company claiming that i have generated 4tb of traffic already.
***Is this even possible …
Is there anything else that one has to do when setting up onn a VPS in the cloud for the system not to use so much traffic.

Unless you’re using ERPNext to serve large media files to the public, 4tb of data in just a couple of days suggests that something is very wrong.

If I were in your shoes, I’d be checking logs. Something is off. Either your VPS is miscalculating or you’ve got some rogue process hammering the network. Have you set up any API connections, file syncs, or remote backups?

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clean install , completed setting up the company , uploaded company letter head , was busy testing quotes and boom i was suspended.
they have moved to 100mb , but its very slow , unworkable.

Without looking at logs, it’s hard to say what’s going on. 4tb in a few days is definitely not normal.

For reference, my company has ten users active throughout the day, a workflow heavy on pdfs and image files, development and staging sites with significant github activity, and full backups every night to remote servers. I just checked my VPS metrics, and it would take us more than a year to hit 4tb of data transfer.

Thats my point with my hosting company that its impossible to reach 4tb in 24hrs.
Let me check the logs as well…

Thanks for your input though , much appreciated