Minimum Order Qty Setup

I saw the description about Minimum Order Qty in the document as below

Minimum Order Qty: The minimum quantity required for purchase transactions/Material Requests.
The value set here is only applicable to Material Requests generated via Production Plans and not on manually created Material Requests.
This quantity is also applicable to Material Requests generated via Automatic Reordering option present in the Item master.

But I found that for the Automatic Re-ordering. There is nothing happen. The system choose the value in Re-order Qty

For Example, I set Re-order qty 60 PCs and 500 PCs for Minimum Order Qty. The system generated 60 PCs of Material request. (See the screenshot in attached file)

So what is the real purpose and effect of Minimum Order Qty?


The re-order qty is only checked while creating auto material requests. Min. order quantity is used to for purchase transactions so that order is placed at least for the set qty.