Minimum Order Quantity, ERROR

Dears, Anyone had this issue where you create a PO and it says there is a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of X and it is defined in the item? I dont see the MoQ defined. So it is really preplexing. What am I doing wrong?


I have to ask the obvious?

Did you check under Purchase Details in Buying > Item

Yes :slight_smile: I did check. I don’t even have that field displayed. Funnily, the doctype has the field. Dont know how to make it appear.

Any chance it is because “maintain stock” is not ticked?

One of the big pains with ERPNext, is to maintain LTS version. I am stuck with the older version because, functionally there is no need to go to version 10.

ERPNext: v8.11.1 (master)
Frappe Framework: v8.10.4 (master)

Ok, I found it and fixed it.

If “maintain stock” is not checked, then MoQ field is not displayed. So if there was a value (in my case 50) it was not displayed so it was confusing. Once I checked the box maintain stock, it displayed the value of MoQ = 50. I changed it and made it 0. And that fixed the issue.

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Surely updates and release frequency marks health and vitality.

Maintenance is just the result of that, and the pay now or pay later option is a bonus.

Perhaps you are stuck with a business constraint?

I guess a case here of be careful what you wish for :wink:

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Not sure if it is strictly about cost of upgrading. :slight_smile:
It is more the stability and loss of confidence with the business.
Which I think erodes the brand, which is priceless.

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Myself I will be relieved when ERPNext is ‘test infected’

Tests mean stability but equally important, change detection that forces deliberate rather than convenient or even thoughtless change.

Test coverage is my pet peeve Help with Writing Tests - Foundation and community invite to help with 'do nothing' pass tests

edit: The key goal of test driven design is to implement the business case as defined by the end user!