Minimum resource allocation for docker image


I’m looking to set up ERPNext in a Docker container on either DigitalOcean, Vultr, or Linode for a new small home-based business.

The business will sell perfume replicas locally within my city through social media and WhatsApp. It’s just getting started out and will have 2-3 users maximum.

Given the very small scale of this business, what are the minimum recommended server resources I can get away with for running ERPNext?

My priority is minimizing costs since this is a bootstrap business. I’m thinking:

CPU cores: 1
Storage: 10GB for Docker, 2GB for PostgreSQL DB

Will this be enough for ERPNext to run smoothly for 3 concurrent users? Or is there anywhere I can reduce the resources further to save on hosting costs?

I don’t foresee having more than a handful of customers in the beginning. But I want to make sure ERPNext will be stable and performant even as the business starts growing.

Any advice would be appreciated! Please let me know the absolute bare minimum specs I can use both for now and potential growth down the road.

Thank you!

Are you aware that this exists:

Maybe it could save you a lot of hassle and time (depending on other requirements).