Mising (%) for SEACRHING LINKS V8

Hello, since v8 i cant use (%) for filter search in links LIKE SALES INVOICE ITEMS transactions. Ist a bug? or its new behavior

Unable to replicate the issue. Could you post screenshots of the case where the search didn’t work with wildcard?

check out this, is in demo.erpnext.com

Wildcards only work on with the Advanced Search option at the end of the dropdown:

@pratu16x7 true to that but it also work in editable grids in v7

Yeah, I think it should work. Can you please raise an issue in github?

thank you @nabinhait done: https://github.com/frappe/erpnext/issues/8275

Link field is powerful enough to search for query in the whole text.

You don’t need to use wildcards.

How could I search for two non consecutive words?

For example, in V7, I could search “bar%5kg” and the grid field shown me all the bars of 5kg, even if they were named “Barbell bar Black Oxide 5kg” or “Barbell bar technique 5kg”.

In V8, I have to open the advanced search, that is less than ideal when you have to add more than 50 lines to a quotation.

V7 behaviour was far better than V8 for link fields.