Mismatch Between Sales and Cost of Sales

Hello all

We are new to ERPNext

I noticed that if I make a Sale in January but make the delivery in February, the Sales figure shows up in January while the Cost of Sales is in February.

Also if delivery is not made, the system will show the Sales revenue but the Cost of Sales will be zero.

This is different from what I am used to in most other software

What am I doing wrong ?


I’ve noticed the same thing as well. I am assuming this is how the system is designed. When we issue a sales invoice from sales order, the system only books our revenue as of the posting date of the sales invoice, and when we make a Delivery Note against the same sales invoice, the system will do the necessary booking for inventory and Cost of Goods Sold as of DN posting date. So if sales invoice and delivery note are posted in different periods, there will be discrepancy like you mentioned above. But if you look at the report from January to February, for example, it should match up

Same here

I do not think this follows accounting principles.

Any one have an idea of what we are doing wrong ?

What would help if you can’t find this documented or searches fail to point the way here (to specify and clarify your learning or problem case here):

Formulate and illustrate concrete test cases with actual versus expected results of data inputs and outputs?

The idea is to identify what ERPNext does or does not do, and relate that to the general business or accounting rule that applies.

This issue is still outstanding

Anyone have a work around?

Check this for business process ideas and perspectives Possible Major Bug - Mismatch between Revenue and Cost of Sales - #3 by Chude_Osiegbu