Mismatch in Official tutorial - Cant find 'Enable Has Web View and Allow Guest to View'

I was following the official tutorial and stuck at this page Web View Pages as what they are showing and instructing in the page is not visible in my version of frappe.

Tutorial page & the screenshots inside that. Cant see in my portal because I can enable Enable Has Web View and Allow Guest to View

What version of frappe do you have ?

Frappe Framework: v13.2.1 (HEAD)

navigate to Customization, doctype, then search for article,click to open,scroll down to Web View you will find enable web view… im assuming you logged in as Administrator.
Ive checked v12.x.y and v13.3.0 they both have the feature.


Thanks for the reply. Can you share any screenshot of that option? I can’t find any option of “Enable web view” :slight_smile:

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@msalim79 thank you. Would be great if you can share a screenshot, as we can’t can’t locate it.

My screen is same as @wisharyashared above. There is no Web view settings. I’m a admin, with full access.

Installed Apps
Frappe Framework: v13.1.2 (version-13)

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Thanks. Since we are hosting our Frappe app on Frappecloud, so we don’t have that option. ‘Web View’ section is only available in developer mode while building apps. Not in production.

I’m on developer mode and can’t see that option

That is supposed to be there, how you have hosted your frappe app? @Ricardo_Trillo

I solved it, it was fault of custom checkbox, thx anyway.


Thank you so much. “Custom?” should be unchecked.

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Hi, I have the same problem too. Where is the custom checkbox?

I also have same problem. i just unchecked “Custom?” checkbox.

Now it is working for me.