Missing ability new portal menu items

Not sure if this is a access privilege issue but we are trying to customize our web site based that is built on ErpNext. Specifically the server site has developer_mode set to 1 and logged in as Administrator which has the role “Website Manager” there isn’t a button or another option for adding portal menu items. Any ideas?

In your application you need to write portal_menu_items rule, ref

Then click on Reset to update portal list or bench --site [site_name] migrate

Thank you for replying quickly,

This leads to a slightly different concern for me which isn’t exactly a bug but more of a general direction in Frappe that I have noticed in other parts of the system. The thing that makes Frappe really cool is that you can do meta modeling driven custom development of sophisticated web-based database driven application that are integrated with an ERP. In particular the main pitch in Frappe is that you can do GUI based visual development like modeling, setup of role-based security, the ability to add custom fields, etc… It seems that the latter two and now the ability to customize the customer facing porting require coding through the “duct tape” of the hooks.py approach. I know how hard change management and dependencies between complex systems can be painful but it seems that the hooks.py based approach forces development that is not or cant’ done through the GUI tools and where you have to use code stuff everything in rules expressed in one central file hooks.py. Is there any thoughts about moving away from this or letting the GUI tools drive the interface hooks?