Missing "ADDRESS & CONTACT" details in 'Export File for leads

My Import file for creating new record look similar to the following table with more columns and other necessary data:

DocType: Lead
Column Labels: ID Status Lead is an Organization ... Mobile No.
Column Name: name status organization_lead ... mobile_no
Mandatory: Yes Yes No ... No
Type: Data Select Check ... Data
Info: One of: Lead, Open, Replied, Opportunity, Quotation, Lost Quotation,
  Interested, Converted, Do Not Contact
0 or 1 ...
  entering data below this line
Lead 1 ... 1234567890

When I look for this specific lead in ERPNext, the contact number would be missing if boolean for organization_lead is 1. If I export the lead again, I still see the contact number in the exported file. (with lead ID generated and visible in ID column). Also exporting lead data doesn’t export added contact numbers for leads marked as an organisation.

Is this how it’s supposed to be or is this a bug?

I am not marking any of my leads as an organisation to avoid this for now.